With each passing day, my mind goes fray. I want to feel something; anything: even if it is pain. I pierce the blade deep, ripping my skin off and bleed. There is red all around and my eyes droop but I feel nothing; numb as ever. I don’t know what I want. I haven’t died…


You are destined to meet few people in your life. Well, is it destiny or hidden motives behind the mask of coincidences? Nobody cares. Nobody will. Most of the people have strong motives to be part of your life. You figure that out eventually. As for the rest, their motives are either well concealed or…


Success and failure go hand in hand, they say! A statement carelessly thrown around in the name of motivation, isn’t it? So what happens when the failure knocks at our own door; where does all the optimism and positivity hide? Is it washed over by reality of disappointment and regrets? Bloody hypocrite, aren’t we?

May be

Hiding beneath the layers of masks, lies a little child with innocent eyes and golden heart. This masquerade has been prolonged for far too long. The heart craves for freedom and the mind its peace, may be the ulterior universe has it all! May be one day, the oppressed strength, the unshed tears and the…


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About Me

In a world full of cynicism and sarcasm, I don’t look for hope. I am the hope.

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