Happy Birthday

A Chubby guy with short hair,With his favorite hobby of jumping around everywhere,Eyes always shining bright with mischief,A whirlwind; a tornado of speech and tantrum is his brief. There’s nothing he would not do for his friends,Even call them at odd hours so as not to miss their religious trends,It’s dangerous to travel along with…

Just Another Day

Every day is a new day, they say. Is it though? I am caught up in the same old routine, hospital to hostel. The two “H” making my life a living hell. Day and night mean nothing to me. I roam around like a ghost at three o’clock in wards with lights fully on and…


Glistening in the golden dust of her sorrows Cocooned in the parched feelings of regrets And missed chances She held on to one tiresome breathe Washed away by the fresh volumes of tears Tears got drained into the River And the River into seas And  the seas into ocean And the ocean swallowed the pain


I wish I could stare at the sky and do nothing. Forever. It makes me think, Y’know, what kind of life are we even living? Is this what we wanted? Something is wrong with this design, I mean, look around. Everybody is after the same thing. Light and dark; a mercurial cycle. Some thorns choose…


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About Me

In a world full of cynicism and sarcasm, I don’t look for hope. I am the hope.

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