I sit alone suffocated in a small box. I see people with myriads of emotions passing by; a mother mourning her son’s death and a father rejoicing, for his daughter who got a new life. Cry and laughter resonating at the same time. All I see is helplessness in the eyes of people, some unable…


Layers beneath layers hide the true intentions of man concealed with the melancholia of fabrication and blissful selflessness. The monster of evilness hide behind a charming smile; unable to differentiate between friend and foe and the incorrigible destruction of fragile trust within few seconds. Alas! Such is a existence of man; to deceive or to…


What if we could draw back the curtains that surround each others life? See the naked heart and spirit in all its glory around. Would we help those in need and understand their situation or mock at what’s hidden within? Humans have a dark soul with some amount of light peeking through crevices; a flickering…


Black and whiteWith Gray clouding mindRed and blue consuming most of the timeI am tired of this pathetic siteA dimly lit room pulls me in a grindI aspire freedom and put up a brave fightI patiently wait for the days to endTo explore some bright light


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About Me

In a world full of cynicism and sarcasm, I don’t look for hope. I am the hope.

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