Let’s drift apart as swiftly as we got along Like the turbulent waves across the shore Pleasant moment of joy and mirth Nothing to leave behind but a swamped strand Of love, trials and tribulations To remind that we have met once in a lifetime And never to meet again For this was it The…

A hope to Live

Consider a problem of crucial math,“How many months?”, the patient asks,Cancer is an inescapable wrath.In ten minutes his life had stopped,The future, the present and all his plans,Life took a whirlwind turn and he was plainly dropped.Cried his heart out and cursed the God,Said he was ardent believer and never had hurt a soul,He was…

Life as We know It

I have lived the life with chilling and regrets. Baby steps were futile and the jumps hostile. I walk on eggshells, lost in the sea with dead end. I am happy where I am. The path is mine and so is the light. I ain’t dead or am I? Who knows of the unpredictable end?

In Doubt

What if I tell you, you’re creating two realities at once? When you make a choice, you create a reality and when you don’t, you make another. So when you make one, you’re also making another – of choosing one thing and not choosing another. The other side of the mirror is the opposite of…


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About Me

In a world full of cynicism and sarcasm, I don’t look for hope. I am the hope.

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